Research and Suggested Reading

This page lists both original research involving the G-FOL and related work on frames and constructions, including how to apply these concepts in language pedagogy.

The German Frame-Semantic Online Lexicon (G-FOL)

Applying Frame Semantics to Language Teaching

Frame Semantics and Computational Approaches

  • 2003. Huang, Li-Szu. Resolving word sense ambiguity of polysemous words in a second language. 174p. Dissertation (Doctor of Foreign Language Education) – University of Texas at Austin. Austin, TX.
  • 2002. Boas, Hans C. “Bilingual FrameNet Dictionaries for Machine Translation,” in: González Rodríguez, M., and C. Paz Suárez Araujo (eds.), Proceedings of the Third  International Conference on Language Resources and Evaluation. Las Palmas, Spain. Vol. IV, 1364 – 1371.
  • 1997. Lowe, John B., Baker, Collin F., and Charles J. Fillmore. A Frame-semantic Approach to Semantic Annotation. In: Proceedings of the SIGLEX Workshop on Tagging Text with Lexical Semantics: Why, What, and How?, 18-24. Washington D.C.

Frame Semantics and FrameNet

Frame Semantics Across Languages