Frame description

The words and phrases in this frame describe a conflict between two Sides (Side_1 and Side_2) who disagree on some Issue. The conflict results in a verbal argument. The Arguing frame involves only a verbal conflict and does not entail any physical altercation.


1. Annette und Hans streiten sich  über politische Fragen. 1. Annette and Hans argue about political questions.
2.  Carla hatte einen heftigen Streit mit ihrer Freundin. 2. Carla had an altercation with her (female) friend.
3. Torsten zankt sich mit seinem Mitbewohner ums Saubermachen. 3. Torsten argues with his roommate about the cleaning. 


Frame Elements

Frame Element descriptions (on hover):


Someone who is arguing (typically realized as the grammatical subject).


The other person involved in the argument, who is against Side_1.


The two opposing parties involved in the argument.


An unresolved question over which the two Sides are in disagreement and about which they are arguing.