Frame description

These lexical units describe various aspects of employment, where an Employee works for an Employer in a certain Position or Field, completing assigned Tasks for Compensation. Both Employer and Employee must agree to enter into the employment relationship (the Employer hires the Employee, and the Employee agrees to fill the Position in exchange for Compensation ), and either party can end the employment relationship (the Employee can quit, or the Employer can fire the Employee).


1. Er konnte keine Arbeit in seinem Beruf finden.1. He could find no work in his profession.
2. Als was bist du beim Zirkus angestellt?2. As what are you employed at the circus?
3. Sabine will zum 10. April bei der Pharmafirma kündigen.3. Sabine wants effective April 10 to quit the pharmaceutical company.

Frame Elements

Frame Element descriptions (on hover):


The person who works to complete some Task for Compensation.


The person or institution who gives Compensation to the Employee.


The label given to the kind of employment (e.g. as an engineer).


The field in which the Employee works (e.g. finance, construction).


The action the Employee must do for the Employer.


The payment an Employee receives in exchange for work.