Frame description

In this frame, an Agent engages in personal body care (of either themself or someone else; the Patient is the one being groomed). Sometimes, a specific Body Part of the Patient is mentioned. An Instrument (e.g. a wash cloth) can be used in this process as well as a Medium (e.g. soap and water).


1. Ich schrubbe mir mit der Handbürste gründlich die Hände, bevor ich esse. 1. I scrub with the hand brush thoroughly my hands before I eat.
2. Du musst dich mit heißem Wasser und Seife waschen.  2. You have to wash yourself with hot water and soap.
3. Ich denke, Ende Februar werde ich zum Frisör gehen. 3. I think at the end of February I will get a haircut.

Frame Elements

Frame Element descriptions (on hover):


The Agent is the person who does the grooming. 


This is the region of the body that gets groomed.


The Patient is the person / entity who gets groomed. 


The Instrument is a tool that aids the Agent in grooming.


The material, typically water, soap, toothpaste, etc. that the Agent uses for grooming.