Frame description

These lexical units describe a conflict between two Sides  (Side_1 and Side_2) who disagree on some Issue. The encounter takes the form of a physical fight, and may have a Purpose that the Sides hope to achieve. The difference between the Fighting frame and the Arguing frame is that Fighting always involves some sort of physical altercation, while Arguing denotes a verbal conflict (which may or may not escalate to violence). 

One of the Sides may use an Instrument in the fight (e.g. "er greift ihn mit einem Messer   an," "he attacks him with a knife"). 


1. Demonstranten griffen einen Beamten mit einer Holzlatte an.1. Demonstrators attacked a civil servant with a wooden slat.
2. Es gab einen Konflikt zwischen Einheimischen und dem Staat.2. There was a conflict between locals and the state.
3. Es ist ein Kampf ums blanke Überleben.3. It is a struggle for bare survival.

Frame Elements

Frame Element descriptions (on hover):


Someone who is fighting (typically realized as the grammatical subject). If the fight is one-sided, this is the aggressor.


The other person involved in the fight (against Side_1). 


The two opposing parties involved in the fight.


An unresolved question over which the two Sides are in disagreement and about which they are thus fighting.


The desired outcome of the fight/argument for Side_1 (or for all Sides collectively).


The weapon or other item used by one of the Sides in the fight to try to harm the other.