Frame description

This frame contains words referring to teaching and learning, including people and things involved in the process. A Student comes to learn about a Subject, a Skill, or a Fact, as a result of instruction by a Teacher. Formal education takes place at Institutions in which students take Courses in order to reach a Qualification, but a Student can also study on their own.


1. Ich habe gelerntdass Deutschland mehr als 80 Millionen Einwohner hat.1. I learned that Germany has more than 80 million inhabitants.
2. Renate Weimann, 24, macht den Master in Germanistik an der Uni Düsseldorf.2. Renate Weimann, 24 years old, is doing a masterin German studies at the university Düsseldorf.
3. Ich bin Student an der Uni-Freiburg.3. I am a student at the University of Freiburg.

 The frame elements of Education can get confusing; here is a quick reference guide to help you understand them:

  • Learner: Student 
  • Source of learning: Teacher Course Institution Material (e.g. textbook, handout)
  • Content of learning: Fact Skill Subject 
  • Result achieved through Llearning: Qualification

Frame Elements

Frame Element descriptions (on hover):


One who is instructed by a Teacher in skills or knowledge.


One who instructs a Student in some area of knowledge or skill.


A program of lectures or other matter dealing with a Subject.


An educational establishment, such as a school or college.


Educational Material, such as books, tapes, or videos, used by a Teacher or a Student to acquire skills or knowledge.


A piece of information that the Student is informed of by the Teacher and/or the Material.  


An action which the Student is able to perform as a result of instruction.


The area of knowledge or skill which is taught by a Teacher or to a Student.


A formal Qualification such as an academic degree or a certificate for which a Student is aiming.