Frame description

In this frame, a person, the Cognizer, makes a choice in favor of a particular entity or course of action (the Chosen). 


1. Ich beschlossmein Leben völlig zu ändern.1. I decided to change my life completely.
2. Man öffnet das Nachrichtenkonsumierprogramm seiner Wahl und liest. 2. One opens the news consumption program of one's choice and reads.
3. Die Entscheidung trafen die Politiker gemeinsam.3. The politicians made the decision together.

The Chosen is one of several options included in a set of Possibilities, and is selected with some intended Purpose in mind, and an Explanation may be given, which serves as the basis for the choice. Because the Purpose and Explanation involve potential causation, you can find ways to express them in the Causation frame (e.g. "um...zu," "in order to," and "weil," "because").

Rarely, the general Topic (about which the decision is made) can be added, as in "Auf der Versammlung sollten wir  über den Zukunftsplan beschließen." ("At the meeting, we should decide about the future plan.").

Frame Elements

Frame Element descriptions (on hover):


The person who makes a choice (typically after some consideration of available options and potential outcomes).


The entity or course of action chosen by the Cognizer.


The set of options - either entities or courses of action - available to the Cognizer.


The intended purpose of the Chosen; what the Cognizer hopes to accomplish with it.


The reason or justification given for the choice made by the Cognizer.


The general concept about which a decision is made.