Frame description

This frame refers to Clothing and its characteristics, including anything that people conventionally wear. The Wearer wears a piece of Clothing that is made of a certain material and can have a certain style. In some cases, the Body_location (where the garment is worn) may be specified. Clothing_parts are included in this frame.


1. Ich trage eine kurze Hose.

1. I wear short pants. 
2. Kroll setzt eine Mütze auf den Kopf.2. Kroll puts a hat on the head.
3. Mein Pullover  hat ein Loch im Ärmel.   3. My sweater  has a hole in the sleeve.   

Frame Elements

Frame Element descriptions (on hover):


The Clothing identifes the clothes worn by the Wearer.



The Body_location identifies the place on the body of the Wearer where the Clothing is worn.


The Clothing_part identifies a part of the Clothing.


The Wearer is the person wearing the Clothing, or for whom the Clothing is intended.