Frame description

In this frame, a Cleaner cleans a location, object or entity (the Cleaned) by removing some entities or substance (Mess) that are aesthetically or hygienically undesirable. In some cases, the Cleaner uses some cleaning Instrument (e.g. brush, vacuum) and/or Medium (e.g. soap, water) to assist with the cleaning.


1. Helene putzte täglich die Küche. 1. Helene cleaned the kitchen daily.
2. Du musst die schmutzige Wäsche waschen. 2. You have to wash the dirty laundry.
3. Die Reinigungsfirma bringt das Gebäude mit Putzmittel und Dampfstrahlern wieder auf Hochglanz. 3. The cleaning company brings the building  with cleaning agents and steam jets back to a high shine.

Frame Elements

Frame Element descriptions (on hover):


The person who does the cleaning.


The area or object that the Cleaner cleans.


The undesired substance or entities that the Cleaner removes from the Cleaned.


The instrument that aids the Cleaner in cleaning.


The material, typically a liquid or powder, that is used to clean.