Frame description

The words and phrases in this frame reference the length of time some Entity has existed (or has filled some role). This length of time is the Entity's Age, and is sometimes expressed by a particular aspect of the Entity - the Expressor - such as a body part or a feature of the Entity (e.g. hands, voice). The Entity need not be a living thing; many of the words in this frame can apply to objects, organizations, etc., for example "das neue Buch" ("the new book"). 


1. Die Kinder wachsen und gedeihen. 1. The kids are growing and thriving.
2. Die Polizei glaubte der jungen  Frau nicht. 2. The police did not believe the young woman.
3. Das vier Wochen alte Baby  schläft in seinem Bettchen. 3. The four weeks old baby  sleeps in its crib.

Frame Elements

Frame Element descriptions (on hover):


The person or thing that has existed for a length of time and is aging.


The length of time the Entity has existed.


The part of the Entity that shows its Age (e.g. "a young voice," "old hands").